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PUMA x Homegrown XT2 Plus

The philosophy that unites PUMA and Homegrown, and which also served as inspiration for the collection, is the desire to bring together different social tribes in a democratic, inclusive and urban space. The collaboration represents the fusion of the authenticity and originality of modern urban life with the uniqueness of PUMA´s design and style.

The concept of the collection is based on a persona –an urban warrior– a young minded urbanite that spends most of his day on the street. He likes the mobility and flexibility that public transportation provides. Additionally, he loves his city – Rio de Janeiro, from the hills to the street and is well aware of the local social, political and artistic movements and issues. This collaboration needed to create a product that could facilitate urban mobility, provide comfort, reliance, and quality. Above all, the sneakers needed to meet the challenges of a seamless movement within the urban jungle without missing out on style.

In grey/red/black and military green/neon, both sneakers are made to meet the challenges of big city life– whatever they may be. Urban warriors are always on the move to create their space, express themselves, seeking for new trends, new artistic movements, new cultures and new ways to live. We will be launching these this weekend; in store and online.

March 12, 2015 by Inside The Sneakerbox Inc
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